Isshinryu Patch

The Mizu-Gami Patch is the Isshinryu Emblem. It is placed on the left front of your Gi, over your heart symbolizing the “one heart way”. The oval shape to the patch represents a Vertical Fist. The symbolism of the patch is explained as follows: Mizu-Gami is the Water Goddess – the equalizer; Water symbolizes purity, strength and goodness; Fire (Orange Ribbon) signifies evil, aggression and destruction.

Her hands are held in the traditional left hand down and open for “Peace”, and right hand high and closed for “I’ll fight if I have to”. The gray background and rough sea represents the on coming typhoon (hurricane). Mizu-Gami is calm as we should be when danger approaches. This helps us remember what to do.

The five stars represent the Master and his 4 teachers: Master Choki Motobu – Sparring (Shorin Ryu), Master Chojun Miyagi – Goju Ryu, Master Chotoku Kiyan – Shorin Ryu (Shobayashi Ryu) and Master Taira Shinken – Weapons (Bo & Sai).

In Okinawan Mythology, they believed that the Sea Serpent was born at the bottom of the Oceans, and when it matures, it rises into the heavens as a flying dragon. As we start as White Belts and achieve our Black Belts.